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"To create a socially recognized, valued and applied spiritual science of intuition following the inspiration of the life and work of Edgar Cayce"

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Discover the World of Edgar Cayce's Intuitive Heart

Special Weekend Retreat

August 19-21, 2016

Big House Lodge (on the same farm as ARE Camp)

Cedar Springs, VA

Intuitive Heart Training:
Support for Intuitive Guidance and Living Beyond Boundaries

The Intuitive Heart Discovery methods for experiencing oneness, empathy, compassion, healing, boundaries, and self-reliant inter-dependence, as well as visionary inspiration. We'll learn how to be more of ourselves even as we give to others. Useful for helpers, caregivers, co-dependents, and those exploring living the life of oneness.This weekend retreat provides the core training experiences of the "Edgar Cayce Legacy" program that was taught at ARE headquarters for over 15 years. Henry has now adapted the material to a small group format. There is also a full one week long program for certification as an Edgar Cayce Intuitive Heart Explorer.

Experiential Menu
We are going to be enjoying these activities because they are fun and they create valuable learning:
1) Friday Night: Initiating the Many Secrets of Heart Awareness
2) Saturday Morning: The Healing Experience of the Dream Helper Ceremony
3) Saturday Afternoon: Making a Mandala the Intuitive Heart way
4) Saturday Afternoon: Experiencing Intuitive Communication with Nature
5) Saturday Night: Meeting The Heart of Healing
6) Sunday morning: Becoming (and Sharing!) Your Higher Self Via Heartfelt Aesthetic Awareness.

Limited to 8 participants. Tuition, Room and Board: $295 for it EVERYHING!
Contact for more information or to register.
A $90 refundable deposit holds your space until July 15.


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