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Henry's Mentoring/Coaching Process

I bring my personal experiences with and professional uses of channeling my higher self to my mentoring/coaching relationship with you. By definition, your methods and styles of channeling your higher self will be both quite create and individual and also reflective of universal patterns. I see my job is to use my experience, and its history and understanding as recorded in my text, Channeling Your Higher Self, to provide a framework of understanding and functioning that will lead you to realize, practice, develop and utilize your own unique methodologies. We begin by having you fly overhead and get the big picture by reading the text cover to cover and preparing a self-inventory on your own history of channeling, intentional or otherwise. From there we begin to braid together learning experiences based on the text, then individual creativity in developing a personal style with the presented methods. One of our goals will be to explore what topics, targets, needs and/or goals do your channeling skills best respond. You'll work at your own speed, submitting via emails your written responses to assignments. My feedback and coaching will be primarily over the telephone (any tolls on your end) as we discuss your experiences and I nudge you onward and upward. Suggested topics and exercises for the 16 weeks are given below:

  Suggested CHS Skill Suggested CHS Exercise
1 New Image of Channeling Read Henry's Channeling Text
2 Self-Awareness of Channeling Prepare Channeling Inventory
3 The Channeling Triangle Explore Psychosynthesis meditation
4 Letting go in meditation Trusting Inspiraton: "It breathes me."
5 Inspirational Writing Writing on the meditation
6 Awakening Dream Recall Honoring a Past Dream
7 Dreaming with Intention My "Smithsonian" method
8 Precognitive Dreaming The vision of the magazine cover
9 Self-Hypnosis Edgar Cayce Quest for Inspiration
10 The Visionary Imagination Divining Wrinkles
11 Visionary Interaction Heartconnecting with Plants
12 Dream Telepathy Dream Helper Circle
13 Channeling Art Intuitive Heart Mandala
14 Channeling Flow Moving to Music
15 Channeling Spirit Silent Chanting with Nature
16 Comprehensive Evaluation Channeling Forward


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