Become an
Intuitive Heart Provider
Certified by
The Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies

Here's how your training and supervision time with Henry Reed, Ph.D., and your practicum activities proceed:

Phase 1: Getting Ready

·         4 hours phone training and supervision with Henry

·         12 hours practicum activities


1.       To gain familiarity and confidence in the basic Intuitive Heart Discovery Rituals

2.       To prepare to conduct a six week Intuitive Heart Discovery Group

3.       To comfortably and effectively inform others of your upcoming group


1.       Reading on history of Intuitive Heart research

2.       Reading manual for group for orientation


1.       Explore Inspired Heart meditation process

2.       Practice memory divination

3.       Participate in a Dream Helper Circle


               1.   Lead guided Inspired Heart meditation to individuals and to a gathering

               2.   Lead guided "heart connections" to a gathering

               3.   Practice memory divination with individual

               4.   "Elevator talk": Describe IH Discovery Group in 2 minutes

               5.   Develop and distribute a flyer (and brochure) informative of your upcoming Intuitive Heart Discovery Group

Phase 2: Sharing the Group Experience

·         12 hours phone training and supervision with Henry

·         30 hours practicum activities


1.       To create an effective plan for the upcoming six week Intuitive Heart Discovery Group session

2.       To enjoy with others sharing an Intuitive Heart Discovery Group session

3.       To document the experience for later use


1.       Create a time line plan, for each 15 minute segment of the three hour session

2.       Review research regarding the Intuitive Heart activity

3.       Preview with Henry your plan for the session


1.       Conduct the Intuitive Heart Discovery Group session for that week


1.       Make detailed notes about what happened in the session, for use in supervision and for later use as material for articles, talks, etc.

2.       Review session with Henry

Phase 3: Expanding Services

·         4 hours phone training and supervision with Henry

·         12 hours practicum activities


1.       To insure likelihood of continuing learning, training, communication, innovation

2.       To develop an expanded array of services based on elements from the group curriculum


1.       Review Level 2 curriculum

2.       Identify specific Intuitive Heart Discovery Rituals for special treatment

3.       Locate literature related to special interest


1.       Consultation with Henry to develop idea

2.       Application with selected individuals or groups


1.       Supervision session with Henry

2.       Writing about experience

3.       Developing material for marketing

74 hours in all of supervised development, with earned income, for a tuition of $1295

Comments from folks who have received this special training:
Without a doubt the most influential part of this training for me is the unique personal communication capability that it enhances. It is quite extraordinary.  The implications of Dr. Reeds discovery and developed teaching methods are far reaching and in my opinion will eventually have an impact on society similar to reading and writing I’m sure.  Matthew Small, US Army, Ret.
There is a level of peace that is found when you practice the technology taught by Henry Reed, PhD, called the Intuitive Heart Discovery Process.  But this level pales in comparison to helping others find this level of peace using Henry's method.  I remember watching my sons, one by one, learning to ride bikes, suddenly getting the concept of what "balance" is.  The joy of them moving forward is the joy I feel when participants get the concept of the Intuitive Heart and take off.  One can read about the Intuitive Heart just as one can read about balance; but its not really experienced without the caring hands of someone running next to you, holding you up, as you learn by experience.  This course allows me to be those caring hands. Nora Truscello, Intuition Trainer

What I experienced with the Intuitive Heart group, as Henry helped me, was beyond all expectations. It was the most heart inspired time of my life. Folks came to the workshop as individuals and parted as actually one heart, forever united in our common goals. I feel it actually changed the course of my life and I am honored to have the opportunity to guide others through the IH process.
Mary Carter, Intuition Teacher

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