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Henry Reed, Ph.D.



     What follows is a personal statement suggesting a
mythological dimension to our experimental journal. Our
editor tells the dream story that is part of the history of
the creation of the
Community Dream Journal, and
explains why it has been given the birthname,
"Sundance." As the universal roots of the Sundance
motif are uncovered, there emerges the hypothesis that
contemporary dreams may lead us to a modern,
experimental version of an ancient mystery.

     For several years I secretly entertained a fantasy of an
imaginary experiment in revelation. The purpose of this
experiment was to allow a group of very different people
to experience their essential Unity while at the same
time providing each individual with a realization of his
unique identity within that Unitive Whole. I supposed
the experiment to be unscientific. The fantasy does seem
grandiose. Still, I found it hard to resist the temptation
to imagine it. Then one night, in defenseless sleep, I had
this dream:


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