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      We are gathered together for research and enlighten-
ment. But we haven't yet found the appropriate method
for our research and we are standing around in the dark.
Suddenly, we begin dancing together in a circle, each of
us displaying his own symbolic emblem. We realize that
the method of research we are seeking is contained and
expressed in our dancing. As we greet and celebrate one
another in turn, our dance generates a fountain of sparks
that fly off from the center to illuminate our space.

     I found personal meaning in this dream, as it provided
a way of resolving the internal struggles encountered in
efforts to know myself better. I wondered if the dream
might also yield an external, social application. At first,
it served as a symbolic portrayal of a general, idealized
approach to cooperative research, as explained in my
report on the A.R.E. Dream Research Project (see
page 27
). But before that project materialized to confirm
that interpretation, other dreams and events occurred to
suggest that the dream of the "research dance" might
point toward the fantasised experiment in revelation. I
couldn't help but explore the possibility.

      At the summer sessions of Atlantic University, I had
been conducting experiments in dream incubation. In
these experiments, a person with a problem or a
question would seek a helpful dream by first undergoing
a preparatory ritual and then by sleeping in a specially
erected dream tent. As part of the philosophy of the
dream incubation procedure, the person was encouraged
to share in some way with the rest of the community the
benefits of the dream quest. On one particular occasion,
such sharing led to an important discovery.

      I'll always be grateful to Kenneth Klein for his gift to
us. It was "family night" and we were using our dreams
to make up skits. Ken presented to us a dream he
thought we might enjoy enacting:
We are a circle of
children. We each have a special, unique topping for
making an ice cream sundae. We share and pass around
these toppings so that we may each make our own
exciting concoction.
In a fun, roving pantomime, we


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