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The Intuitive Heart Teacher Training Kit

Is your group ready to attempt to learn the Intuitive Heart Discovery Process? Or are you personally ready to explore becoming an instructor of the Intuitive Heart™ Discovery Group Process? Order your training Kit today! You will receive everything you need to become acquainted with the Intuitive Heart™ process and even to conduct the entire curriculum on your own! The Training Kit includes the following materials . . .


The Intuitive Heart Meditations
Three meditations on CD which guide you
in the process of tapping into your natural intuitive abilities.



Exercise Your Intuitive Heart
The official practice guide for
The Intuitive Heart™ Discovery
Group Process!


Practicing the Intuitive Heart™ DVD
Actual video demonstrations of Intuition Training using The Intuitive Heart™ Discovery Group Process.
6 hours


The Intuitive Heart
By Henry Reed Ph.D. & Brenda English
The popular book on Henry's Intuitive Heart method of learning how
you can trust your intuition for guidance
and healing--electronic version provided..

Purchase of kit also includes detailed instructions on how to use the materials to conduct your own group, plus one phone consultation with Dr. Reed on how to have a good group experience. For further assistance from Dr. Reed, consider participating in his mentoring program, which will also qualify you to be certified by the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies as an Intuitive Heart Instructor.

Complete Kit: $125 including shipping and handling

Order Today! (800) 398-1370 or


Henry Reed, 3777 Fox Creek Road, Mouth of Wilson, VA 24363
Make check payable to: Henry Reed

Check, money order, and use toll free to use Master Card or VISA accepted.