These testimonials were written by folks who attended a Big House Intuitive Heart Discovery program.


Dear Friends and Fellow Truth Students, I was blessed with the learning experience described in this notice.  The shrinking ego part of me wanted to keep it to myself so that I'd be the exclusive local source of the material, but my ever expanding heart knew it is meant to be shared.  Even beyond that, I urge you to send this along to your own email lists.  It's time for this way of thinking and being, The Way of Love, to manifest in our world. Without reservation, I encourage you to consider studying the Intuitive Heart Discovery Process.  I myself am in the process of completing my certification to teach the material.  If you have any questions about the  certification training program with Henry, I'll be happy to answer them. My number is: (H) 908.272.7656 (preferred) email: Thank you in advance for helping to spread the word! From my heart to yours, Maryann D'Angeli


There is a level of peace that is found when you practice the technology taught by Henry Reed, PhD, called the Intuitive Heart Discovery Process.  But this level pales in comparison to helping others find this level of peace using Henry's method.  I remember watching my sons, one by one, learning to ride bikes, suddenly getting the concept of what "balance" is.  The joy of them moving forward is the joy I feel when participants get the concept of the Intuitive Heart and take off.  One can read about the Intuitive Heart just as one can read about balance; but its not really experienced without the caring hands of someone running next to you, holding you up, as you learn by experience.  This course allows me to be those caring hands.You can contact me to ask any questions about it!Love ya,Nora Truscello,;


My first experience with the Intuitive Heart meditation was through Henry Reed's egroups at A.R.E. I practiced the Intuitive Heart meditation as instructed and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to gain insights and learn how to receive intuitive guidance. So when I received the invitation to join Henry Reed in VA to personally learn the Intuitive Heart Discovery Group Process and to work towards certification to teach the process to others, I didn't have to think twice. My deposit was sent in almost immediately. What I experienced with the Intuitive Heart group with Henry as our leader, was beyond all expectations. It was the most heart inspired week of my life. Each of us came to the workshop as an individual and when we parted we were actually one heart, forever united in our common goals. I feel it actually changed the course of my life and I am honored to have the opportunity to guide others through the IH process. Mary Carter, Cos Cob, CT

Testimonial: Time to Free Emotions and Anxieties

The Intuitive Heart Group Discovery process teaches us to connect our emotions with our heart centered truths.  In doing so, we are able to free ourselves of emotions and anxieties that can slow and even block our forward movement to living the life we desire. In experiencing the Learning How to Teach the Intuitive Heart Group Discovery process, I learned how to build upon the previous skills of working with my breath in connecting with myself, connecting with others, dream work, soul retrieval and inspirational writing. Attending the "teaching” week as facilitated by Henry Reed, PhD, I learned to appreciate the continuing student experience with the added teacher-facilitator –moderator factor.  This has allowed me the joy of growing ever more with the opportunity to share with others the wonderful techniques of heart centered learning.  Others began to understand each and all have intuitional truths they can trust to guide them to break free of shackles they may have experienced, reach out to others to help solve any dilemma, intuitively understand the guidance that comes from within, discover a deep sense of joy, satisfaction, and relief from negative influences that can easily bombard and destroy beauty. In teaching, I become a more dedicated student as the Intuitive Heart Discovery process is about a two way experience.  I not only become a happier and more fulfilled person, I constantly gain new friends. The big "I” becomes the small "i”, the little "u” becomes the big "YOU” and together "we” become the great "I AM!”  Paul E. Martin, Ellington, CT


My experience studying with Henry Reed, (or exploring with, as he sees and prefers it) was above all very personal, intimate and honest.  Henry teaches a way to explore the "Language of Spirit" that is easy for anyone, regardless of how much he or she has practiced being in touch with Higher Knowingness.  The spiritual, emotional and physical setting of the workshop with Henry was healing, relaxing and fun!  "Family" was easily created, and as a person living alone- all of us, regardless of background or circumstance, came together with such ease and truth and joy.  I've come to learn that "Spiritual people" are by far the most fun, as what is funnier than awareness of and prodding at the human condition with heartfelt truth- even when we cry?!!  It was a warm, exciting, fun and highly enlightening experience that would benefit anyone- to teach and/or to "be"!  Henry himself is a beloved and endearing soul to all of us who have experienced and learned from him. There were enumerable ways that I benefited from this experience- wonderful.- Mary Wendell Lampton  -Jackson Hole, WY 



Without a doubt the most influential part of this training for me is the Intuitive Heart Discovery Process (IHDP)  that is included here.  The unique personal communication capability that it enhances is quite extraordinary. For me this has been a profound discovery of my own potential and it leaves me astonished why Dr. Reed is not world-famous.  However, I understand this to be a matter of social acceptance and personal value but the fact remains that we are capable of transferring meaning between us without direct verbal communication.  The implications of Dr. Reeds discovery and developed teaching methods are far reaching and in my opinion will eventually have an impact on society similar to reading and writing I’m sure.  Matthew Small, US Army, Ret.



I learned about your course(s) by chance. They resonated for me. I could not afford the course and way opened. I went.  My awareness, frequency, skills, sensitivity, knowing, intuition and other ways have increased many fold. I can not explain what I got - but when I need it - those brain / heart / spirit cells wake up and help me with what is before me. Usually to help someone else. I now slip into other dimensions and back out when necessary. "Let spirit breath me" is simply brilliant! It just works.  Henry, you have learned, intuited, channeled, figured out, and taught some pretty neat stuff. I got it! My life is better for having gotten it.  I hope to be able to share what I have learned with more folks. Love n Light - Marty / Maryland /  



Dear Henry, The Remembrance of the days in the Big House gifted me with an inner calm and the key to manage myself. It is not like this that I'm anytime successful, but I'm on the way. I met WONDERful people, each of them the best gift. What a great feeling in sad or just doubtful moments to remember our discussions and wise words. The best of all is to know that so far away I'll be, there exists more people on earth that work in the same way, think the same (similar) and feel the gratitude to a person, that acts as leader and find a way out how to place this wisdom. Thank you Henry

An email describing resources for exploring this special "Inspired Heart Meditation" was provided to people who submitte an evaluation, below, to an over-the-phone demonstration of this new approach to meditation. Here's the email about resources:

We use the Inspired Heart "meditation" for many purposes. It is the gateway to all of our Intuitive Heart discovery processes. It is a quick pick me up, it is a spiritual exploration, it is a form of meditation, it is an analogous to a certain view of the ideal spiritual life... many other practices, such as sharing, to reinforce this worldview and living accordingly. It is amazingly simple in design (empathize with the breath and feel grateful), has solid research support (Autogenic Therapy, Heart Math), yet is a simple gateway to the direct apprehension of the Perennial Philosophy (Thou Art That). The relaxation on the exhalation begins to create a tranquilzer effect allowing more easily relenquishing of control over the breath, and the "Thank You" converts that last bit of ego anxiety into pleasure that greases the wheels over the hump into non-dual awareness. The more you practice it yourself personally, the more you realize. My prayer now is, "I am [on the inspiration], thank YOU! [on the expiration]"

Here are some resources for your use:  (script transcript of recording,,,, you can edit to your taste)   (someone recorded me once.... you can use it for reinforcement)  (my book on Intuitive Heart that describes the purpose of the meditation, in steps)  (most recent article describing history and mission of this work)

Should you share this process with a client or two, I'd love to hear from you. I will always take your phone calls assuming you catch me, which isn't hard around mid afternoons

These evaluations were written by people not involved in the Intuitive Heart training, but who volunteered to experience and evaluate our special approach to meditation. An old recording of this meditation can be downloaded by clicking on this link in the approprite manner:


I have been meditating in some form since 1974.  I was initiated into TM when in college, but stopped doing it every day after awhile.  In 1979 I learned another method of meditation through the School of Metaphysics and have practiced that form of meditation ever since.  It is a practice of stilling the conscious mind and listening to the inner self and High Self.  It also includes a practice that over time produces the state of breathlessness that allows for experiencing the space between one's thoughts. When I received your initiation, I found your instructions very centering.  The affirmation about "letting the breath breathe me, let life breathe me" made it very easy to let go of trying to control my breath and was an easy and quick way of becoming still.  I found it very powerful.  It was blissful; so much so, I didn't want to come back! I look forward to learning how to use this with students, because I believe that it can help people to smoothly relax and let go. Thank you for your time and generosity in offering this. Sincerely, Laurel Clark



During my first Intuitive Heart meditation, I found the use of empathy with the out breath followed by gratitude with the in breath to be deeply relaxing and heart-centering. Following the guidance to bring a smile to my face provided a warm wave of relaxation throughout my body. I was surprised how quickly all this happened. I have been practicing it several times a day since my first experience and shared it at the meditation class I teach. It is invaluable as a tool to quickly tap in to my heart center and release my busy mind! Laura Rumfeldt, M.S. Counselor in Residence, Life in Balance Counseling and Wellness Center, Christiansburg, VA



Even though I had had a brief nap just prior to our session, I went so deep that I had trouble staying awake—partly your hypnotic presence!  That is not a criticism! I felt delightfully energized for the rest of that day. I find that I still fall asleep doing the technique at bedtime.  Of course falling asleep- is not a problem for me at bedtime. I like the process and want to try it with individuals who lack good self-esteem and who are low in conscientiousness. I think the grateful with breathing is a major key and addition to basic Autogenic Training. Many thanks, Norm Shealy, M.D. President, Holos Institutes of Health, Professor Emeritus of Energy Medicine, President Emeritus, Holos University Graduate Seminary. ; ; ;



Thank you for a most inspiring and insightful hour of practicing the Intuitive Heart meditation.

              I would not have guessed that I would be able to tune into a new practice in such and effective way in such a short time. Since learning the method last night in less than one hour, and then practicing it without your guidance during  the call, I realized that I had embarked upon a practice that I definitely want to experience  on an ongoing basis. I have been open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit through my study of The Course in Miracles since 1998. It is not a surprise to me that your introduction of The Intuitive Heart meditation would come to me in such a timely and natural way. I felt ready to receive your teaching. The experience left me knowing that it is such a gift to know that I am being breathed by Spirit. At some level I have known this for quite awhile. However, through the teaching that you provided, I recognized the reality of this truth in an entirely new way. There is a new dimension of trust and inspiration alive in me today that was not there yesterday before our time together on the phone. The inspiration is that I have within me the ability to call upon Spirit any time of the day or night and release whatever issues, concerns or body feelings that are creating struggle for me. As you showed me how to focus on the out-breath with no concern about the in-breath, I felt a deep peaceful relaxation permeate my whole being. Then came the recognition  that the in-breath came with no effort or intention on my part. Yes, of course  I know that I have been breathing for 66 years. But for the first time I could totally embrace the truth that it has not been through any effort on my part. The truth and the gift that I feel so grateful for is that with no effort of my own I am being breathed with every cycle of my breath. It is a relief and it is a joy. I will be continuing as I have today to hold this awareness in my present moments. I am grateful for the hour we spent together and I look forward to sharing the teaching of this experience with my clients.

            Thank you so much for your years of developing this truth that came to you at the right time and in the right way and that you are making it available to so many others that are drawn to your path.

             Sincerely,  Linda Beal


Dear Henry,

          You said it would be all right to contact you if I had any questions or thoughts after my one session of telephone training on the Intuitional Heart meditation process. I decided to go ahead and purchase your book and CD from the A.R.E. store. It offers so much more than I realized initially and it didn't take long for me to realize that I want to continue to grow into  the other ways of using the process. I was scheduled to lead a 4 hour retreat for the Board at my Unity Church and I decided to include using the opening guided meditation on your CD for part of my program. 

             There were eight people, all of whom have had some experience with guided meditation. It was interesting to hear their comments after your meditation. Each of them expressed a common experience of going deeper and doing so much more quickly and easily than they remembered in any other type of similar experience. Each in their own way said it was an amazing experience. The minister's words were "Wow! What was that? I started letting go on each out breath and then appreciating the in breath as a gift of life and all of a sudden it was as if I was transported to another level where I was totally free...I can't really find words to describe it." As he spoke others were nodding in agreement.

      They responded easily to the concept of feeling gratitude on the in breath and then taking that feeling into their heart. In fact, they felt it was that factor which made the meditation so profound for them.

      In Sunday worship the minister shared his experience of the I.H. meditation with the congregation  saying it was an extremely powerful experience for him. 

      I am going to make your book the focus of my own personal sacred journey for 2013 and I have been holding the intention that I would  somehow like to share this with others. The next thing that happened on Saturday following the retreat I was asked to form a women's group in 2013 to practice the meditation process and assist the women in becoming more open and informed about their own inner spiritual journeys.(It seemed like a very rapid response to my recent intention) I agreed to do the group and now I am wondering if you have a suggestion for me of the best way I can  utilize your Intuitional Heart program. Would you be willing to assist me in this process?  

      Thank you again for the one night of training. I had no idea it would have such a formative impact on me.I feel like I am embarking on a new and critical part of my spiritual unfoldment.

 Blessings and Joy,

 Linda Beal



This is Elizabeth Eddy (the Rev). Here is my report to express my experience. I look forward to incorporating this in my teaching meditation to Christians; your method's simplicity can be very helpful to get past the resistance many have to a practice which seems "Eastern" to them. Henry suggested I breathe, then “let go” and ALLOW myself to enter meditation as I would allow myself to go down a water slide. Minute muscles relaxed, and I did in fact “slide into” the state of rest. I had a sense of heart opening that seemed to come automatically. When I hung up the phone after the initiation into Inspired Heart meditation, I was immediately aware that I had experienced profound rest.  In mental processes, a sense of utter peace and clarity was occurring, “thought without stress” I venture to describe it.

                The next morning I practiced this technique again, with similar satisfying results – a sense of peace, freedom from conflict, groundedness in present time yet able to remember the past and imagine the future.                 To write about my experience immediately risks speculation that may not hold up under examination. Nevertheless, I have experience with other forms of meditation, and comparisons spring easily to mind.                 

                 In 1983 I began the practice of Christian “Centering Prayer” as developed by Fr. Thomas Keating and others.  During Centering, there is no particular mental focus; it is assumed that thoughts will arise, and when the mind fixates on the thoughts instead of letting them go, one returns to the meditative state by remembering one’s intent was to meditate (pray) rather than to think. Centering Prayer practitioners use a word to re-enter their original intent.

                 The expected results of Centering are both psychological and theological. Fr. Keating believes that unconscious stored anxieties and negative memories are released during each period of Centering, so gradually the accumulation of mental detritus is purged and practitioners become calmer, more peace-filled, think more clearly and creatively. Theologically, he believes that each practitioner comes into a closer and purer relationship to God. Successful experiences came to me only occasionally however, after an initial period of change.  Henry’s analysis of the process seems apt and helpful to me. The language of each technique is simple, but my application differs. Henry’s sequence is “breathe- let go – allow”.  “Focus” is not emphasized.  In Centering, the sequence is “focus on intent” – let go – allow – tension returns, refocus on intent to let go – etc”. So in Centering, tension usually occurs, sometimes often in any particular period of Centering. This may simply report that I as a practitioner become tense when I “focus” and when I “intend”, while other people do not have my problem and there experience peace and rest very deeply and easily.

                 For me, using Henry’s method, tension is let go from the beginning, and the RELEASE is so clear to me (practically a physical feeling) that returning to it is easy. “I’m a kinesthetic person more than visual or auditory.)

   Hindu meditation became a learning tool for me in 1998. I had the opportunity to learn meditation over a period of years with several intense teaching periods each year and lots of practice. (Yes, practicing both Christian and Hindu methods concurrently.) The Hindu teacher approached meditation in two ways – one, by chanting for about half an hours, then sliding into meditation for another half hour; or by “following the breath”. The use of chanting worked for me, but it took more time than Centering. The use of breath ran afoul of a situation that Henry’s analysis had solved - namely, when we hear “focus on your breath”, tension arises because we instantly try to manipulate our breath.

                 In December 2011 I had an opportunity to learn Deepak Chopra’s “Primordial Sound” Meditation technique. I had expected to use something like a “primal scream” but it doesn’t work that way. There are 144 primordial sounds, and Hindu astrology is used to locate the sound that is most in harmony with any individual. After that, it’s a mantra-induced meditation, rather like TM (learned 10/72). Yes, my sound (in Sanskrit) affects me deeply; but after initial success, the method for me is greatly enhanced by a group setting (so is Centering). Alone, I find myself focusing on that sound, hence according to Henry’s analysis I remain tense.

                 In conclusion, Henry’s analysis is more helpful to me in meditation than any prior method I have studied, and the resulting peace and rest satisfies me in the “here and now”.

These are letters received from the general public responding to their experiencing the initiation into the "Inspired Heart meditation" conducted by one of our student teachers. Hi Henry,
I am glad I accepted your invitation to be a participant in the IH initiation.  Thank you for the opportunity to work with Barbara Haning.  My evaluation is below.
Thanks again--Lillian
My Evaluation:
The Intuitive Heart (IH) guided meditation led by Barbara Haning was like hearing an old favorite song after many years -- a song whose harmonies, rhythms, and words (script) are etched in mind and heart, however, sung by a “new voice,” it became a new experience. 
Prior to setting up the appointment with Barbara, it occurred to me that the guided mediation I would soon be experiencing might be the same one I have so enjoyed for 12 years or so. Indeed, it turned out to be the same meditation, one I have used many, many times, hearing it first on a cassette tape and most recently as audio files now recorded on both my laptop and smart phone.  
Barbara prepared me well for the meditation, including requesting that I “just be with it” by avoiding comparing it with other techniques or methods.  This request reminded me of Henry’s recent message describing this mediation as "...a method for experiencing a moment of relief and recharge and a fresh perspective on your relationship to life...I would say it is a method of “ecstasy.”   Moments of bliss are what I have come to look forward to during this seven-minute mediation.  
Barbara's voice was soothing and I quickly fell into pacing and rhythms of her speaking and breathing.  Typically, when I listen to Henry's meditation tape, I enjoy experiencing the feeling of the breath “breathing me.” However, I experienced something new in this guided meditation with Barbara in that I began sensing that the breathing was somehow occurring outside of my body, as if life was “breathing me.”  By  “trusting in the next breath to come on its own,” I was trusting life to come on its own,” I felt such gratitude having this new sensation that life and spirit were breathing me.
As called for in the script, I next focused the gift of gratitude towards my heart.  At this point, Barbara did something that was not in the script. She asked me to smile as I experienced this feeling of gratitude. The smile lit up my face and it seemed to saturate my entire body before landing gently in my heart.  I felt like I was flying, but in the twinkling of an eye, I was back in my regular body again because I suddenly remembered that the next step was to accept a message from my heart.
A word about receiving messages from my heart: I now always look forward to receiving a message from my heart.  This was not the case when I first started using this mediation. Initially, I found myself getting tense when asked to prepare to receive a message from my heart. I was so disappointed if I did not receive a message. I told myself that I was not concentrating enough, and on my worst days, decided that I was undeserving of this gift.  Eventually, I stopped this way of thinking and began to understand that the real benefit of this mediation was the gift I was giving myself of experiencing God’s Love.  Those 7 minutes with God became more important than asking or hoping for messages.  As I moved into this new phase of appreciating the real benefits of the meditation, messages came effortlessly —a simple word or phrase as an answer to a question, symbols or images appearing in my mind's eye,  affirmations in the form of words from scripture or a beloved hymn that God loves me, etc.
Bringing my attention back to Barbara’s request that I avoid comparing our meditation experience with any other, I allowed myself to once again be in the space of her soothing voice, the comfort of the two of us breathing together, and my “warm, expanding, smiling” heart.   When Barbara suggested that I feel the love flowing to my heart as it “gives me an important message,” these words came to me:  Peaceful Acceptance.  Barbara later asked what I thought this meant.  I told her that I thought it meant acceptance of life as it comes, trusting that all is well. This was an important message as I am dealing with a challenging issue facing my daughter.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to accept the truth of my heart in this meditation guided by Barbara Haning.
Hello Henry,
I just finished my initiation with Rana Daston a short while ago.  It was a beautiful experience.  We started off by introducing ourselves to each other and discussing our interests a bit. Rana told me about the retreat she attended and the bonding that took place. I told her about the Intuitive Studies course I am taking via Atlantic University. Rana then told me about her experience with you going through the initiation with her in order to prepare her for this work.
We next focused on the initiation.  Rana guided me through the meditation.  Her voice and pace were perfect.  I was easily able to focus on my breathing and go into a meditative state.  It was very successful as I was able to keep my mind still and block out my surroundings and stifle the chatter in my mind.  I stayed focused on Rana's guiding voice and my breathing.  I felt very relaxrd, peaceful and calm.
As I told Rana afterwards, when she had me focus on the heart and gratitude, I saw pretty green energy whirling around and just felt grateful for everything.  My left brain did not kick in and make a list, it was just an overall feeling of gratitude.
It was a very pleasant experience and something I wouldn't mind doing several times a day as it felt that good.  Ranja was wonderful.  I can't really think of anything she could have done better. 
The entire experience is something that I feel is very beneficial overall and would do anyone and everyone a lot of good.  I would like to thank both of you for this opportunity.  I sincerely appreciate it.

Dear Henry:

From 11 to 12 pm I spoke with Rana and participated in the Intuitive Heart Meditation. This is a description of my experience, thoughts and feelings.

Rana suggested that we spend time sharing before beginning the meditation. I had already told her something about myself in an email, so we dove in. I found our discussion very stimulating both intellectually and emotionally. We are about the same age and we are both feeling “the call” to a new kind of life orientation that will include a deepening of our spiritual lives.

To begin the meditation I put my phone on speaker phone  so that I could relax without muscle tension, and Rana inducted me into the relaxation state. Due to the energy of our previous conversation, my mind was very active and I did find it a little bit difficult to settle down. Also, interestingly, the focus on my breathing was more difficult than it usually  is, as this fall/winter I have had long-term coughing issues that had impacted my breathing and fears around breathing, so I got a bit hung up longer than I would have liked –breathing intentionally rather than letting my self be breathed. It was simply difficult to let go. At the same time, my mind continued to shoot back to our conversation and a gently acknowledged that and moved back to focusing on the breath.

 I did settle in as Rana’s voice is very calm and persuasive. At exactly the moment when she said “Your heart will send you a message” –or some similar language, I could hear my husband open the door to the house and come in. One might consider this a disturbance, and perhaps it was, but I considered it a spot on synchronicity as my work of late has centered around my relationship with him and a process of opening up communication, acceptance and gratitude for who he is and our relationship. We married later in life after each of our spouses had had affairs that broke up our marriages.  And we threw up barriers to protect ourselves as well as barriers where we thought differently and seemed unable to reconcile some of our differing perspectives.. We get along well these days, but I’ve long felt a need to go further, to begin to peel away the protective walls. This has been going well. I felt like the timing was a confirmation from my heart that I was moving in the right direction and that my appreciation of and gratitude for our relationship is expanding and knowing that he is responding to my actions – he is literally coming through the open door that I have been offering.

This is a soothing exercise and while I was doing it, as I mentioned to Rana, I was also thinking ahead to my yoga class and how it would be great to do this during Shavasana at the end of the session. So I will try this and also tape it for myself so that I can listen to the induction when I am alone.  This meditation ties in with other interests that have recently sprung up on Focusing and the inherent wisdom of the body and its spiritual capacity and ability to take us deeper and toward a stronger connection with our Self/ Source. Many threads seem to be coming together of late in this area.

Respectfully submitted, Maggie Spilner-Brotzman  Easton, PA,