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Those with prior experience being in a group usually find themselves prepared sooner than those who have had no group experience. During this third phase, the mentor (me, Henry Reed), works with the individual to assess what needs to be done to get a group together. Sample marketing material is provided. The trainee's most valued or appreciated methods, one the trainee has favored and used, often becomes a source of material for a brochure. The mentor helps with the preparation of the marketing. Often a group of five can be obtained by calling upon friends. A $125 tuition is required of each of the five attendees. Besides this investment supporting the participant's regular attendance, it also demonstrates that the trainee is offering a service that people are willing to pay for.Trainees who do not believe in charging for services may ask the attendees to make an equivalent donation to their favorite charity.

For each of the six weekly sessions in a full Intuitive Heart Discovery Group, the mentor and the trainee will meet twice, both before and after each group session. Before each session, the trainee emails to the mentor a timeline the trainee has created for that session. Every 15 minute interval is noted for what is planned. The mentor reviews this plan with the trainee and any changes that are necessary are discusssed and made. We go over the details of presenting the training actvity. The mentor questions the trainee to prepare for questions that might arise during the session. The trainee prepares some notes on when in the session to ask for comments and feedback and some discussion is held with mentor about how to handle those questions. A plan is made for taking notes on the participants' comments and the trainees replies.

After the session, the trainee prepares a report on the session. The report is structured to allow the trainee to present the facts, what the participants said they experienced and how the trainee responded. These notes provide the necessary documentation that demonstrates that what the trainee is certified by the Edgar Cayce Institute the trainee has actually documented their ability to fulfill those expectations: To validly communication the intent and method of each Intuitive Heart Discovery Process and to be able to provide valid, accurate and helpful feedback to people who are learning to use these tools. We also expect that each graduate, a certified teacher/practitioner, will continue to improve, innovate, and share their experiences with our ongoing learning circle of Intuitive Heart practitioners.

More on The Supervised, Certificate Training Component

After the Big House residential component, each participant will make arrangements to conduct their own group, using marketing materials prepared at the Big House program and available on our resources website.

The trainee should have 5 paid attendees at this group.

I will be having phone consultations with the trainee as the group is being assembled. I will also be consulting with the trainee before and after each of the six group sessions. Each consultation lasts about an hour. During the pre-group consultation, I’ll respond to questions the trainee may have. I also interview the trainee concerning their understanding of goals, assumptions, and methods involved in that lesson. After the group, during the post-group consultation, I discuss with the trainee how the session went, and provide suggestions on how to deal with any issues that might have arisen or questions from group members. I also interview the trainee to determine what was observed in the group that suggests that the learning objectives for that lesson were achieved. When I certify someone as an Intuitive Heart teacher, I am certifying that I am satisfied that this person can effectively facilitate the learning that is the goal of the Intuitive Heart training.

There is a reason that the certification process requires that you do a small group over six weeks rarther than a one day workshop. It is because, for certification purposes, I need to have consultation with the trainee both before and after each individual lesson, so that we can assure that the intent of the training is being delivered. After certification, there are many alternative ways of sharing this material, in personal sessions, in brief demonstrations, in one day workshops, and more. But for the purpose of the needed training, we need the time/opportunity advantage of working in the small group format during the certification training. Furthermore, whereas the small group format does not require of the teacher that s(he) engage in any didactic-type lecture behavior, when a trainer is working with a large group in a workshop format, the trainer does not have the opportunity to sit in with each group and be an example; instead, that trainer must be able to explain and demonstrate the methodology in such a manner that folks can then do it in their own little group within the larger workshop audience. So extra experience is required before a trainer can do that effectively. The best experience for that is to lead and be involved with, several small groups before taking it to large audiences from a stage.

Upon certification, the trainee is now free to use the title "Intuitive Heart” as part of any work they do. I provide consultation in how to adapt the exercises to brief workshops and how to use some of the exercises in other areas of work—counseling, healing, and interpersonal facilitation. Currently, there are no charges or fees for the certified teacher, nothing further owed to me, the Cayce Institute, etc. Teachers may purchase books, audio/visual material and training manuals to distribute to their classes. There is also a network of certified teachers with whom you can network. We are planning to build this network into a support system that will help us reach more people with this material. We are trusting that at the proper time, those using the Intuitive Heart materials will give back to their source, whether that being by further developing this material and sharing it with others, or being through such means that a portion of the economic flow is diverted back to the source of the materials, the copyright owners or others deemed appropriate, both paying forward and giving back.

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