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The Intuitive Heart Discovery Group is a series of exercises in which you explore in a group setting the process of tapping into your own natural intuitive abilites.

The Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies invites YOU and YOUR FRIENDS to enjoy the benefits of having your own personal training circle. The Discovery Group Process is designed to be shared in a group, with or without a facilitator. The small group format is a key ingredient in Edgar Cayce's perspective on training the intuitive side of spirituality.

The Intuitive Heart™ Discovery Group . . .
Helps you discover how you can connect with your own natural intuitive abilities ­­ in both the conscious and dreamstate, helping you turn within for guidance about yourself and the world around you. All of the exercises have been tested time and time again with positive results. A small group of between 5-8 people is the ideal setting for this exploration.

The Purpose of the Discovery Group . . .
Is to provide structured group activities that will help you practice some basic skills of intuitive functioning that also have significance for spiritual and soul development.

Develop Your Skills . . .
During the group you will have the opportunity to learn and develop specific skills. You can practice them further and learn to combine them in new ways. Continued practice will improve your self-confidence. Using new combinations of these skills will generalize your learning. You will very quickly find that you are developing your intuitive ability.

The Session Format . . .
With each group featuring a different training exercise, the format throughout remains basicly the same. This includes:

The group begins with a fifteen minute meditation. The specific form of meditation is geared to the process of intuitive functioning.

Each sesson will provide some instructions, some questions to discuss, or provide some specific objective that the discussion will achieve.

Training Activity:
The session will include instructions for the activity. These activities will draw upon your willingness to experience new levels of your natural abilities to play, to listen, to enjoy conversations and getting to know people, to explore images and subtle feelings that are quite commonplace, yet usually overlooked.

Experiment of the Week:
Many sessions include some form of practice exercise or application for you to try out during the week. They are simple exercises or assignments that help you to assimilate and put into practice ideas from the lesson.

A workbook and specially recorded guided meditations have also been designed to help students apply in day-to-day life situations what they have learned through this course.