Current State of the Intuitive Heart Discovery Community


The Intuitive Heart Discovery Group process remains unique in the field of intuition and spirituality training. One of the special features of this program is the development of an ongoing training community. As you become involved in the world of the Intuitive Heart, you will find this community of benefit to you, helping you to continue to develop your skills, get more personal satisfaction and growth from sharing them, and the realization you are makng a big difference out there, and inside, too!

  The Intuitive Heart Newsletter provides a place for teachers and other providers to share new methods, services and products they are creating for others. It's a place where we can encourage collaboration, creativity, and community.  

It is a community that is constantly sharing thier marketing and workshop tools. Here's some sample resources.

Meet Certified Intuitive Heart Provider Therese Evans at her "Sacred Bridges" It is a community that expands its learning and reasearch into related areas, forming networks and alliances for greater efffectiveness and outreach. For example, explore what we've been learning about the larger world of "heart awareness." Meet Certified Intuitive Heart Provider Susan Sanderford at her "Casa de Santa Maria"