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 The Script for the CD

"The Inspired Heart"

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Just Close your eyes now and turn your attention inward, toward your breathing. Allow yourself to become aware of your breathing. Just let your breathing happen, on its own, naturally, while you simply become aware of it. Let it be, while you are aware of it, let your breathing be. Let go of any control your breathing, and simply watch it happen by itself. Just allow yourself to discover the natural flow of your breathing. Just allow yourself to go with the flow.


The breath naturally comes and goes. Itís a natural flow that has a lot to teach you. Letís begin by placing your focus on the exhalation, the breath flowing out. Notice how the breath flows out. Itís a natural letting go, a relaxation. Let the exhalation teach you how to relax, to let go. With each exhalation, you learn how to relax a little bit more. With each exhalation, you learn how to let go a little bit more. Just let yourself relax and let go a little bit more with each exhalation.


As the breath goes out, and you relax and let go, you release all control over your  breathing. You can now accept the coming in of the next breath. Let each incoming breath come to you on its own power, in its own time. Let each incoming breath teach you how to accept, to receive.


As the breath goes out, relax, let go and wait for the next incoming breath to come on its own. Let go of any need to make the inhalation happen according to your own will and simply accept the incoming breath as it comes on its own. Each cycle of breathing gives you another opportunity to experience the relaxation of letting go and trusting the next breath to come on its own. Discover that you can trust in the breath to come on its own.


Experience the breath as taking care of itself, taking care of you, removing the old air and bringing you new air. Experience the breath as a gift, taking care of you, cleansing you and renewing you, bringing you the gift of life. Enjoy the feeling of the breath of life coming to you as a gift. Life breathes you, spirit breathes you.


Experiment for a moment with feeling gratitude for this gift of life. Just allow yourself to feel grateful for the gift of life coming to you freely, giving you what you need. See what it is like to experience gratitude for the breath that comes to you as a gift. Give yourself permission to enjoy the feeling of gratitude.


Focus your feelings of gratitude in the area of your heart. Let your heart to be the center of your experience of gratitude and notice how it responds.

Allow gratitude to soften your heart. Allow your heart to become warm, expanding, blossoming with love. Allow your entire body to become in harmony with this feeling of love.


Your heart is open now and a channel of love. Discover the higher consciousness that resides in your open heart. Listen as your heart speaks to you. Feel the love flowing through your heart as it gives you an important message for you now.


Accept the truth of your heart. Accept this opportunity to allow the higher consciousness of love to bring you needed wisdom or inspiration.

OK, now, letís take a deep breath, exhale, and release this meditation. Wiggle your fingers and your toes, stretch and open your eyes.

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