Instructions for Conducting an Intuitive Heart Memory Divination for Soul Reflection on a Hidden Question of Importance to You

Step One: Learn from Your Breath – You Can Trust Inspiration

 Focus on your breathing and discover how you can trust it to flow naturally, spontaneously, with no effort or control on your part. Intuitive inspiration will come to you the same way.

Attention to your breathing can help to move your awareness into a type of “flow” state—as in the “flow” of your breathing. This shift in consciousness is an important first step. Although your intention is to be helpful through your intuitive ability, we already know that working at being intuitive can get in the way. Intuition is at its best when it comes naturally. Probably the most natural, effortless, flowing thing going on within each of us is our breathing. By moving your awareness to your breath, you can shift that awareness into a more natural, receptive, effortless state.

Think to yourself, “I can trust the inspiration.” Remember that inspiration means both the natural entering of the breath and the new, creative idea. As you relax into your breath, be aware that you are relaxing into some higher process. Be thankful for this wonderful gift, the gift of breath and life. Enjoy this state of “flow” for as long as you like.

Step Two: Make the Heart Connection

Let gratitude fill your heart, allowing you to release all concerns. Your heart energy naturally begins to expand. Focus it on the target of your search for intuition—the hidden question of importance to you. Even though you are not aware, consciously, of the content of the hidden question, you can still imagine making a heart connection with whatever it is about, and which you wish to understand with intuitive, compassionate empathy.

 As you begin to enjoy the feeling of being grateful for the gift of your breath, you will notice that a mood shift has been taking place. The more you enjoy this experience, the more your mood becomes positive, mellow, serene, easy-going, and receptive.

Simply experience the feeling of love for the hidden question. Trust in inspiration. Realize that while you have a purpose here, to receive a reflection from your soul. You can, nevertheless, relax. You can trust that the same inspiration you are enjoying in your breath will naturally bring to you everything you need. Discover what a good feeling it is to accept such confidence. You’ll soon find out that you are not simply making flowery affirmations, but are being guided onto a path of profound discovery.

Step Three: Invite a Memory

Ask for one of your millions of personal memories to pop into your mind. Without intentionally choosing it, but accepting the first one that comes, trust that within your heart is stored the perfect memory that is just right for this occasion of a hidden question.

 You will discover that you can trust that, without any effort on your part, just the right memory from among your many life experiences will come to you. Intuitively, the most helpful of your experiences will be drawn into the heart connection between you and your partner. In your state of gratitude and trust, no effort is necessary. You don’t need to try to anticipate what memory will come or should come. You can be indifferent to what the memory might be like, whether it is seemingly important or apparently trivial, depressing or happy. It doesn’t matter. You don’t need to evaluate the memory that does come. If you like, you can think along the lines of this affirmation to focus the quality of your awareness at this moment:

I trust in inspiration. Guided by love and trusting inspiration, I now allow a memory to come to me, a recollection of a specific experience from my past. When I later think of this memory as a story and reflect upon the meaning it has for me today, my thoughts will inspire in me exactly the necessary soul wisdom required for whatever concern the hidden question contains.

Step Four: Review Your Story

Explore the experience that surrounds that memory. Let your memory be the seed of a storyhere’s what was going on, heres what happened, here’s how it turned out.

Having accepted the first memory that popped into your mind, open your eyes, if you have had them closed, and begin reflect upon your memory. Using this memory as your starting point, think about the story of what happened. The more details you recall, the more intuition will be present.

Step Five: Search Your Heart for Wisdom

See what lessons your story holds. What truths does it contain? What did you learn from that experience back then? What does this story teach you today?

When you’ve told the story, ask yourself, What can I learn from this story for myself? What does it have to teach me at this moment?”

In a caring way, search your heart for wisdom about this memory. Look back on your past and how you’ve grown since then. It’s very natural and very much okay not to know where you’re headed with the whole thing. It’s okay and very intuitive to be thinking and yet not to know what the particular point of it all might be. Just accept what is in your heart and mind in an extemporaneous way, sincerely, spontaneously, keeping your awareness in the flow state and with the attitude of, “I am searching my heart for wisdom to understand what I can learn from this, listening to what my heart tells me.”

Note how the teaching story relates to the hidden question. How can you use this new perspective to respond to your current situation differently?

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