Obtaining Signficant Soul Reflections by

The Intuitive Heart "Memory Divination" Discovery Process

An Example of How it Works

Here's an example:

Peter understood how to move through the steps of the Intuitive Heart "memory divination" process.

He was now ready to experience what it might be like to have his "soul" reflect upon an important question regarding his current life situation.

Peter spent a couple of minutes silently practicing the Inspired Heart method until he was ready to have a memory pop into his mind. He set his intention by mentally affirming, "Please send into my awareness a memory of a specific experience that will contain my soul's reflection upon the "selected important question."

 Momentarily, Peter opened his eyes and made some quick notes about his memory.

It was from his youth, during a period when his father worked far away and came home only a few times a year. Without his father around, Peter was used to playing alone. He remembered a particular day when he was playing with his toys and his father arrived home on an unexpected visit.

“I ran up and gave him a big hug,” Peter recalled. “I told him, ‘Papa, come and see what I’ve made with my toys!’ My father said he was impressed, and then he played with me. I was so proud that, while he was away, I had created something that he approved of.”

As Peter reflected on the memory and the wisdom it might teach, he noted that it reminded him of the importance of taking initiative on his own and using his own abilities to their fullest, and that good surprises and rewards can come later as a result of his efforts.

The time had come to discover the "selected important question" that was the intent of his memory divination. The question was, “How can you receive God’s blessings today?”

Peter thought for a moment, then realized, “Exactly! If I follow my conscience and act upon it, rather than waiting for a sign of approval, if I trust in my own sense of doing what’s right and carry that out, then God will bless me for taking action, for trusting and honoring my conscience."

The process worked well for Peter. Upon further thought, he commented, "It's interesting how that moment in time, how I felt at that moment, is such a perfect reminder for me now as I approach an important new possibility in my life. Interesting that such a memory, seemingly irrelevant, is just what I need now--as if there's a part of me that knows me better than I do. Could that be my soul?"

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