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     Here are some testimonies and research reports
pointing to meditation as a key to gaining better access
to dreams. The
Community Dream Journal welcomes
your comments on this material We especially
encourage testimonies of your own experiences or of any
research you may have done concerning the relationship
between meditation and dreams.

      As we ponder this material, an intriguing question
arises: How can we determine if the effect of meditation
on dreams is more than that of auto-suggestion? Does it
really matter, as long as it is effective? But suppose that
meditation and dreams are related to a general process
of attunement to inner, yet transcendent, activity. Then
in our own lives we might wish to distinguish this
process from auto-suggestion. We invite you to suggest
suitable, self-disclosing experiments.

Dear Journal:
      I believe that dreams and the meditative state are
somehow related. Once, while meditating, I sensed the
presence of Mary, the mother of Jesus. I was surprised
and asked within, "Mary, are you coming to me?" With
inner hearing I heard, "I come to all who love my Son."
Naturally, I kicked this around for awhile, wondering if I


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