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were simply blowing my own mind. Then, a few nights
later, in a dream I was given the nursery rhyme:
had a little lamb, Whose fleece was white as snow, And
everywhere that Mary went, The lamb was sure to go."
awakened immediately and saw letters spelling out the
word, CONFIRMATION. The letters seemed to pulsate,
glowing like neon lights. This would seem to be an
example of an experience in meditation that is followed
by a confirming commentary in a dream.
Norma Cole, Miami, Florida

Dear Journal:
     It used to be that the only dreams I remembered were
the frightening ones. It wasn't until I started to work
with my dreams in a constructive way that they became
helpful. Meditating for a while prior to falling asleep is
relaxing and aids dream activity for me. Most of all, I
believe that it is when I have a sincere desire to change
and am willing to take corrective steps that my dreams
become a source of inner guidance.

                      Bettie Harris, Stockport, Ohio

Dear Journal:
     I am a member of the staff of the Human Dimensions
Institute and teach a course on meditation. As a
meditator and a dreamer, I find that the two really work
together, each complementing the other. The meditation
process allows for the cleaning of the vehicle, altering
the perceptions in a positive manner, and it allows
illumined thought to be integrated into our lives in
practical and meaningful ways. I find that meditation
leads to dreams of clearer guidance, of instruction, and of
self-evaluation. Meditation seems to make it possible for
the dream to present itself more clearly and for me to be
more deeply aware of it and its message. Meditating
after the dream is also helpful, bringing the symbols into
deep focus.

      Here is a recent example. A situation in my life
appeared to be ending, and I was experiencing a sense of


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