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dreamer, but also opened a path for continued research
through our Community Dream Journal.


    1. See Mark Thurston's report, "Philosophy of Research." A.R.E.
1973, 8, 118-126. For a humanistic view, see Sidney Jourard's
provocative book, Disclosing Man to Himself (Van Nostrand, 1968).

    2. For an excellent discussion of the experimental findings concerning
memory for dreams, see Donald Goodenough's article, "Repression,
Interference, and Field Dependence as Factors in Dream Forgetting,"
(1975), which may be obtained by writing him c/o Division of
Psychological Studies, E.T.S., Princeton, New Jersey, 08540.

    3. Professional dream researchers interested in examining the packet
may obtain an exact replica by sending a check for $7 to A.R.E. Dream
Research, P.O. Box 595, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451.

    4. Henry Reed, "Learning to Remember Dreams." Journal of
Humanistic Psychology, 1973, 13, 33-48.

    5. Cayce: See Marilyn Peterson's article on the Cayce dream readings
that appears in this issue of the Journal.

    Jung: See the paperback anthology, The Psychology of Dreams
(Princeton University Press).

    Progoff: He has a new book out on his journal work, At a Journal
(Dialogue House Library).

    6. Henry Reed, "Dream Incubation: A Reconstruction of a Ritual in
Contemporary Form." Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Summer,
1976. Preprinted in The A.R.E. Journal, 1975, 10, 47-65.

Dreams and Biorhythms

     A number of people have expressed an interest in
learning more about the effect of biorhythms on
their dream lives. We are looking for an interested
researcher to design an appropriate project that we
can conduct through the
Journal on this topic. Would
that person be you?Let us know. We also encourage
anyone who might want to participate in such a project
to write to us and express the nature of your interest,
so that the project which is designed will more closely
meet your needs and interests. Address replies to
Biorhythm Dream Project, c/o Sundance.


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