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action of dreams, or maybe you have a research project
that you would like to make available to others in our
dream journal community. Even a simple, apparently
mundane example of how you have found healing help in
a dream could be instructive to the rest of us, especially
if you can provide specific points of relationship between
the dream and the observed symptoms, applied
remedies and verified results.

Dear Journal:
      I dreamed, I am driving my VW when the headlights
suddenly go out. I feel a sudden sense of doom and
I awakened with a definite sense of uneasiness. I
had not been feeling well at all during those past several
months, but several medical tests had revealed nothing.
Driving my car in my dreams had come to have
connotations of my physical body, and this dream was
very disturbing.

      I had a very busy day at work and, driving home, I
suddenly blacked out. Upon regaining consciousness, I
realized that my car was about to run into a guardrail. I
lived through that dream.

      Later my condition was diagnosed as a metabolic
dysfunction, like hypoglycemia. I am now on a strict diet.
Any time I stray from the diet I'll dream of dim
headlights, which warns me to get back on course.
                 Beverly Lynd, South Point, Ohio

Dear Journal:
      My family doctor told me that I would probably need
surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. We live in a small
community and I was to choose either of two hospitals in
nearby cities. I chose the one where a doctor whom I
knew practiced. Then, the night before I was to enter
that hospital, I had a dream. In it,
the doctor I knew is
standing over me with a long butcher knife ready to cut
me open. Then a small, slightly stooped man, whom I
don't recognize, comes in and grabs the doctor's arm,
crying, "No! This isn't necessary!"
Trusting in my dream,
I decided to switch hospitals, although this meant going


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