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     The Community Dream Journal wishes to cultivate an
understanding of the role dreams may play in fostering
health. We welcome the possibility that from dreams we
may learn more about the principles of wholeness and
healing. In many of his readings, Edgar Cayce showed
how dreams contain messages to the dreamer concerning
matters of diet, exercises and home remedies that would
be valuable for that dreamer to apply. One problem with
using dreams for such self-guidance is the general
difficulty in interpreting the dream correctly. It may be
that many health-related dreams are not obvious, and
the dreamer needs to learn how to read physical signs
from the dreams. On the other hand, it may be that some
dreams concerning matters of diet, for example, are
quite specific and literal, and require no interpretation.
It would seem best at this stage to collect reports from
people who have received some help from their dreams
about health-related topics, so that we may see what
ideas and inspirations we can gather from their
testimonies. Perhaps some suitable projects for research
will emerge from such sharing.

      If you have had a dream that reveals something of the
principles of healing, or if you have had a healing
encounter with your dreams, won't you consider sharing
it? Perhaps you have developed a theory of the healing


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