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"The republic is a dream.
Nothing happens unless first a dream."
      (Carl Sandburg, "Washington Monument by Night")

     What is your dream of America? During this
Bicentennial Era, it seems natural to attend to our
American Dream. The Sundance Ideal supports such a
national dream quest. In fact, Sundance and Dream
America are of one symbolic blood.

      For example, important symbols from both mythic
traditions were present in the vision of that revered
native American prophet, Dekanawidah, who visioned
the people as many roots and branches of the One Tree;
and atop this tree was the protective and far-sighted
Eagle. With this vision, and with the eloquence of
Hiawatha, the Iroquois nation was formed. Our
Founding Fathers incorporated aspects of the Iroquois
government into their design for the tripartite
government of our republic of sovereign states. And we
have as national symbols the Liberty Tree and, of course,
the Eagle. Even more significant, our national motto is
"EPluribus Unum" ("Out of many, One"), an ideal which


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