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Marilyn Peterson
Director of A.R.E.
Readings Research


     One of the major topics covered in the Edgar Cayce
readings is the nature of dreams and their interpreta-
tion. A project to collect all the information on dreams
from the readings was initiated to make the material
available to those in psychology and related fields, and to
present the material in a form that is conducive to
research. The result is a two-volume reference work,
entitled Dreams and Dreaming, now available from the
A.R.E. Press.

      The dream readings are presented in a case-history
format to enable the reader to see the information given
in context. The person's dreams are arranged chronolog-
ically. With the dreams are presented the complete text
of the comments and interpretations that were provided
by the readings in response to the dreams. There is also
biographical data provided for each person receiving
dream information, including such information as sex,
age, occupation, physical ailments, and relations, as well
as any pertinent information on past incarnations given
in other readings. Relationships between the dreamer
and the people mentioned in the dreams are noted so
that the reader may understand the nature of the


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