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Herbert B. Puryear, Ph.D.



     In working with dreams, I encourage you to make
associations to them in a wide-open, free-wheeling,
anything-goes manner. These associations may or may
not be specifically related to symbols in the dream.
Speculations, intuitions and possibilities of telepathy,
reincarnation, precognition and communication should
be considered. On the other hand, I encourage you to
maintain a quiet, modest, humble and understated
attitude toward your associations to the dream. The only
meaningful interpretation is the constructive applica-
tion. Thus, instead of looking for a "right" or "true"
interpretation, we would do well to discover something
constructively applicable growing out of the process of
working with dreams.

      I often look for a symbol that will serve as an entry
point into the dream; or I look for a dream that I think I
already understand, and use it as an entry into a series of
dreams. For example, if an airplane symbolizes for me
something related to ideals, and if I dream of an airplane,
I have a hypothesis with which to enter the dream and


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