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Henry Reed, Ph.D.


     Dream symbols are like personal energy releasers. A
group of symbols from several dreams can arrange
themselves into a dynamic map of consciousness. Here
we have the rudiments of a personal mythology.

      The energizing effect of dream symbols is initially
encountered in the context of the dream experience
itself. Writing down the dream, reflecting upon it and
enacting it are all means of cultivating the energy and
consciousness-transforming power of the dream's
symbols. Our eyes are especially sensitive to the
vibrations of symbols and so it is helpful to render our
dreams and their symbols into visual form. Drawing
pictures of our dreams and keeping them within our
view, such as posted by the bed or over the desk,
transforms the dreams into personally suited yantras,
visual meditations for working on consciousness.

      But beyond drawing the dreams themselves, it is also
valuable to collect symbols from various dreams and
create collages, dream symbol mosaics. And by bringing
together symbols from different dreams, a continuity in
the dreamlife is realized. We can begin to tell our story in
the language of our dreams and discover the secrets of


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