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bachelor's thesis written on the comparison of the dream psychologies of Edgar Cayce and Carl Jung. She then studied at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich. After that, she completed a master's degree at Sonoma State College's innovative psychology department, with a thesis concerning her classroom experiments in dream incubation. Gayle is now a Ph.D. candidate at the Graduate School of the Union of Experimenting Colleges and Universities (Antioch), and is basing her doctoral dissertation on this journal experiment in dream incubation.

      I have known this warm-hearted and spirited dreamer personally for some years. Gayle is a Gold Medalist ice dancer and once made a dream of mine come true when she taught me that I could indeed fly on my feet. Gayle also inspired me about the possibility of dream incubation. Whereas I followed this inspiration into the magical kingdom of dream tents and festival theater, she brings it to you in a very straightforward and everyday manner. (HR)


     Dream incubation is the process of eliciting specific
dreams at will, dreams that are helpful in dealing with
questions and problems that concern the dreamer. I shall
first describe here the research process by which I
developed the technique I call "phrase-focusing" dream
incubation. Then I shall present detailed instructions on
how you may experiment with this method to incubate
your own dreams. If you like, you may participate in my
doctoral research by writing me about your experiences
in trying this experiment.

     In 1970, my study of the Edgar Cayce dream readings
led to my first attempt to incubate a dream. I was in
Jungian analysis at the time, and was struggling with my
conflicts about marriage. Cayce had suggested asking
God for an answer in a dream to a problem. So I tried it. I
asked why I felt such fright at the thought of getting


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