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     The tally sheet is a daily log of dream recall. It has two
purposes: 1) It is a means for you to discipline yourself to
pay some attention to your dreams each morning. 2) It is
a simple tool to collect data about fluctuations in dream
recall, data which can be used to gauge improvement in
memory for dreams or to detect factors which affect
dream recall.

      The tally sheet was conceived and devised by
dreamers. As a result, the tally system represents a
natural, "phenomenological," or subjective, system for
evaluating dream recall, and has a validity for the
dreamer. It has also proven of value in stimulating the
dreamer to notice certain aspects of dreams which might
otherwise be overlooked, thus helping to develop a
memory for dreams.

      The tally sheet asks you each morning to make a series
of simple judgments about your memory for dreams-
how much of your dream did you recall, and how vividly.
It will take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the
scoring system of the tally sheet, and the first few
mornings may require a little extra time in order to be
sure that you are using the system correctly. Other than
that, the tally sheet will prove to be a very simple and
rapid record-keeping device, requiring no more than one
minute each morning.

      To explain the use of the tally sheet, we'll first go over
the scoring systems, and then explain how to use the
tally sheet itself.

Quantitative Recall
      This first system is concerned with how much of a
dream you recall; and each dream is rated separately. By
how much, we do not mean how long a dream, but
instead, a measure of the relative completeness of your
memory for the dream; in a real sense, it is a measure of
the degree of the dreamer's satisfication with the recall
for a dream, a measure that only the dreamer can
provide. The rating system is subjective, but there are


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