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     This tool for measuring and recording dream recall was developed for use in the A.R.E. Dream Research Project. Many participants in that project found the tatty sheet to be a helpful device for encouraging more regular and vivid dream recall, and so we are reprinting it here for your own use and experimentation. As a research tool it may also prove useful for projects we may wish to undertake through this journal, such as testing the effectiveness of training methods for improving memory for dreams or for relating dream recall to cyclical variables like biorythms.
      To maximize its effectiveness as a research tool, we
are printing the instructions in the same detailed manner in which they were given in the previous research project. But when used for personal purposes, please feel free to modify the tally sheet to your own needs. As a personal tool it is designed primarily to provide for daily attention to even the smallest dream memories, thereby cultivating over time more regular and complete recall.


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