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Can effective dream research be conducted through
the mail? We think so. Read about the A.R.E. Dream
Research Project, an experiment that led to the creation
of our journal. Participate, if you will, in the dream
experiment proposed on "Phrase-Focusing Dream
Incubation," a method for obtaining from a dream an
answer to a question. In the meantime, other dream
researchers are preparing experimental projects for
future issues of the Journal.

      Every dreamer is a researcher and every dream is an
experiment in consciousness. A personal dream journal
is a basic tool for this adventure. How can you use your
dream journal creatively? Try the method for meditating
in a dream journal described in "Dream Realization." In
future issues we'll present additional experimental
methods for you to try out in your own journal.

      Dreams lead beyond themselves. Besides taking us
deep within, they also introduce us to strange, other
realities. Like other people, for instance. One of the more
exciting developments in the contemporary "dream
scene" is the use of dreams as a means of improving
social relations. The second issue of our journal will
contain several experimental methods for involving
more than one person with a dream. In this first issue we
primarily introduce the topic with some material related
to the community dimension of our experimental journal.

      What happens when you bring dreaming into the
community? What is a community dream? What can
dreams offer to the problems of community? Read about
the "Sundance Experiment," where it is proposed that
the mystery of community is a mythological reality that
we may be able to experience through a contemporary
experiment, one which we might already be in the
process of dreaming up. The American Dream may be a
case in point. See what you think as you read the dreams
collected for "Dream America." The Community Dream
itself can be looked upon as an experimental
simulation in community. Read the subscribers' dreams
about it. Maybe you'll have a dream yourself about our
journal. That's part of the experiment too.


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