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     Welcome to a circle of dreamers. The Ideal of our circle
is that through our dreams we realize that Each and All
are One.

      Welcome to our experiment, too. The Sundance
Community Dream Journal
is an experiment. By
subscribing to the Journal, by trying some of the ideas
presented, by sending in a letter, an article or a dream,
or simply by reading the Journal, you participate in the

      What is the experiment? On one level it is to discover
whether a journal can be created that can bring
dreamers and dream researchers together to cooperate
in a creative way to satisfy their curiosity about dreams.
As with a dream, so with our experimental journal; there
are many levels to it.

      Can we profit by sharing different ways of experienc-
ing dreams and understanding dreams? Let's see. You'll
find poetry and art in our journal, along with facts and
theories. And because the sharing and comparing of
personal experience is at the root of the research process
we call science, you'll also find several personal
testimonies. Read about one person's encounter with
lucid dreaming and about another person's encounter
with healing in a dream. Perhaps these testimonies will
stimulate some interesting research projects for us to


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