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     Here we have the many questions about dreams
submitted by our participant-subscribers. These
questions provide us with an initial impression of
possible directions for research and educational pro-
grams which we might be able to conduct in our journal
community. These initial questions are only a few of the
many about dreams that might be asked. If you have
others, please send them to us.

      For any of the questions below, we invite you to
submit comments, especially if you have a personal
experience to share that would be helpful. If you know of
an article, book or other resource material that you have
found helpful relative to one of these questions, let us
know. We also encourage any of you with an interest in
doing research to submit proposals for projects that
would bear on any of these questions.

     Question: What causes dry spells, when no dreams are
recalled? Are there rhythms or cycles in nature or in our
own makeup that create cycles of high and low dream
recall periods?

     Question: Why are dream memories sometimes hazy
and at other times clear and vivid? Is there anything we
can do to make our dream memories more vivid? Does
diet and the state of the physical body affect the clarity
of dream recall?


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