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Find Intuitive Guidance in Your Dreams:

The Mentored Dream Quest Method

To register for this project, or to get more information, email (home office: STARBUCK@LS.NET)

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The Mentored Dream Quest version of our research project is an excellent tool for those who wish to make a constructive change in their life, or wish to deal with current changes in a graceful, inspired way. Itís also a great way to build a creative connection with dreams by learning to interpret them and apply the insights.

The Dream Quest is the result of more than 30 years of work coaching extraordinary consciousness in the daily lives of those who have wanted a relationship with the Creative Spirit. Our dreams are the doorway through which we connect to a higher source of wisdom. Unlock that door and receive the hidden treasure of your own intuitive heart. To help you to experience the magic, I will personally mentor you in your Dream Quest.

Innovate, renew a sense of spiritual connection, resolve a problem, or simply learn how to work better with your dreams. Open the door to eternity through your own subconscious mind and I will personally coach you through the experience.

The Dream Solutions / Dream Realizations Workbook creates the structure for your Mentored Dream Quest. I began work on this extraordinary tool in an historic project for the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Those who participated had remarkable stories to tell of how they were enabled to make constructive use of their dreams to transform their lives. Both Venture Inward magazine and Dream Network Journal published articles about the workbook experience written by satisfied users. Itís now evolved to be more innovative, more creative and more transformative in its current sixth edition.

Using the Dream Solutions Workbook becomes an even more powerful experience when I personally mentor you. Personal mentoring has provided immeasurable help to those working with this program. Through my personal attention, on a weekly basis, you are coached by a good listener, an encourager, a licensed and professional counselor, a mentor and a friend.

The Daily Process: The Mentored Dream Quest asks you to devote one night a week to dream work. Youíll spend 3-4 hours of preparation before bed time that night dialoguing with your higher self regarding your dreams, your aspirations, your quest. I will teach you to use inspirational writing to discover truths reflected in your dreams. During the rest of the week you will apply the awesome insights you receive in your dream work. This "daily contract" with your higher self is an essential part of the process and gives it extra power. With my mentoring and counseling I will help you to keep it simple and practical.

Then the magic happens. Your dreams seem to be watching you as you make your best effort. Your dreams respond to your sincerity. Through the soul wisdom of your higher self, new visions, new creative approaches begin to materialize. Youíll experience Dream Solutions and Dream Realizations.

A prayerful Dream Mandala: I will pray for you throughout your Mentored Dream Quest. I have developed the ability to inspire dreams, as well as stimulate healing at a distance. I focus those talents to create Mandalas. The mandala imagery that I will create for you will spring from an intuitive process matching healing energies and personal style. This Dream Mandala is your energetic talisman, which you can place in view beside your bed, and it will enhance the dream process for you. It is your personal Dream Mandala. I will have your dream mandala printed on a t-shirt, which you may wear during the day or as a night shirt to prepare for dreaming.

You may see samples of Dream Mandalas by clicking here!

Training Video DVD: You will also receive the Dream Interpretation Workout Video DVD, which is unique in the world of dream work. It is an interactive experience. The video helps to make dream interpretation much easier, more fun and more effective.

If you are looking for a reliable and constructive method of using intuitive guidance from dreams, the Mentored Dream Quest is a dream come true.

Your Mentored Dream Quest

The Process

Through telephone mentoring, teaching you to use the tools I've developed and polished over the years, I offer you, with prayer support, a special opportunity to bring about positive change in your life.

Discover how you can harness the creative power of your dreams to innovate at work, improve situations at home, or make breakthroughs in your personal lifestyle.

Letís work together to help your dreams move you from where you are to where you want to be!

In just four weeks, you can make significant changes, discoveries, and innovations. Give me a call and let's talk about what you want to achieve with your personally mentored Dream Quest. I'll show you how to let Dream Solutions Work for you!

The Dream Quest Resources

I can help you use these powerful resources to create a life-changing Dream Quest experience in your own home environment!

This easy and fun to use interactive video DVD is a unique tool for both beginners and advanced dreamers, that will get you and your dreams into a teamwork mode, ready to begin your quest. Afterwards, you'll use the video to keep your dreamwork skills fresh and alive.

This workbook guides you, every step of the way, to make positive changes in your life, by working with intuitive guidance you receive from your dreams. Field tested with hundreds of explorers who have found that their dreams are indeed responsive to the effort to apply them for positive change.

This book, illustrated with my dream art, contains many helpful essays on working with dreams. If you have difficulty remembering dreams, you'll learn about many things you can do to improve your dream recall. You'll learn many secrets of dream interpretation. This book will provide you with valuable background information that will help you appreciate the discoveries you are making during your mentored Dream Quest and will help you maintain your creative relationship with your dreams after the Quest. If you would like to read the first chapter of this book, where I tell my own personal history of discovery about the creative, guiding and healing power of dreams, click here!

Your Mentored Dream Quest Includes:

  • Dream Solutions/Dream Realization Work Book

  • Dream Interpretation Work Out DVD

  • Five 30 minute telephone counseling sessions (including any telephone toll cost)

  • My illustrated book, Getting Help from Your Dreams

  • A personalized  Dream Mandala t-shirt

  • My prayer support during your Dream Quest

The fee for registering in this project is $350, which covers all materials and phone consultations and mentoring.

To register for this project, or to get more information, email (home office: STARBUCK@LS.NET)

To register now with Dr. Reed using your credit card, click here!

If you would like to read examples of typical results from this project, here are some published accounts:

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