The Dream Helper Circle:

Edgar Cayce’s Unique Path into Psychical Research

Experience a Dream Helper Circle

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I reported on that story in the September/October, 1985 issue of Venture Inward magazine.

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It has traveled around the world, helping people in many countries discover a new and easy way to get a helpful handle on dreams for guidance and healing.”

I’ve personally conducted the Dream Helper Circle at workshops in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Japan. Since their native language was different, folks in these workshops were on their own in the circle, receiving only initial instructions from me. These different cultures nevertheless found the process rewarding. I've received communications from Japan that they continue to conduct the circle on their own.

Ever since the dreamwork movement of the 1980s (a story that A.R.E. members played a role in, as described in my previous essay) placed dreams into national awareness, almost everyone knows about the creative, healing, and spiritual potential of dreams.

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The new method these children inspired almost guarantees not only that people will remember a dream when desired for a purpose, but also that they will discover how that dream is truly helpful to the task at hand. Think about it--those qualities of a dreamwork method are significant credentials!

Feedback from those dreamed for is our evidence that the dreams were on target and helpful. As to recall, Alex Randall, Ph.D. conducted his doctoral dissertation under Margaret Mead at Columbia University while embedded at an Atlantic University six week residential session, at which he collected everyone’s dreams every day. His results showed that on those days that we processed a dream helper circle, dream recall was way up. I have found at Elder Hostels that most folks going into the circle have not remembered a dream for quite some time, yet recall is high the next morning. In other large groups I have found the same phenomenon: Ask folks as we begin to present the dream helper circle that night, “How many of you recalled a dream this morning?” About 1/3 the hands go up. The next morning, when folks return to share dreams, I ask the same question and almost all the hands go up!

What happens in a dream helper circle? There are online published instructions as well as various aids for this DIY dream guidance program.

Here is a list of available resources:

1)      Go see for access to the published articles on the Dream Helper Circle

2)      There are .pdf handouts you may distribute. Some of these are based upon the articles above, sometimes in a different format.

a.       Setting Up the Dream Helper Circle: Click Here! (This material, giving the exact instructions, is taken from the manual on conducting a six session Intuitive Heart Discovery Group: Know Yourself to Be Yourself Know You Are One With All.)

b.      How to Conduct the Dream Helper Circle, providing hints and guidance on how to have a good experience. Click here!

c.       An article on how to improve memory for dreams. Click here!

d.      A guide sheet for the group as they process the dreams. Click here!

3)      Should you wish to set up a Dream Helper Circle, but you have some questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We might define dream interpretation as the intuitive process of seeing the pattern that connects the dream with waking life. As Cayce put it, seek to “correlate those truths.”

My essays on dream interpretation, expanding upon Cayce’s basic idea, are collected in my e-book Dream Interpretation: The Natural Intuitive Approach of Edgar Cayce. Explore it on by clicking here!

Create a title for the dream that describes in a few words what happens. Next, imagine looking into a mirror while your dream title is displayed as a caption.

This exercise is taken from a series of dream interpretation methods that employ inspirational writing in a dream journal. These exercises are available in three formats:

a.       As part of a workbook for going on a dream quest. This workbook was the one used in the Edgar Cayce Dream Research project described in my previous essay. It is available in both paperback and ebook format.

1.       For paperback copy, click here!

2.      For ebook copy, click here!

b.      As a stand-alone publication (coming soon!)

c.       As YouTube videos

1.       Workout #1 (part 1):

1.      Workout #1 (part 2):

2.       Workout #2:

3.      Workout #3:

4.      Workout #4:

5.        Workout #5:

6.       Workout #6:

7.      Workout #7:

A noted dream researcher, it was as a telepathic dreamer that he received quite a positive account in the book Dream Telepathy, authored by Montague Ullman and Stanley Krippner.

You can explore the book Dream Telepathy on by clicking here!

The resemblance between the two situations inspired Mark Thurston to work with Stanley Krippner to see if he could use a similar laboratory kind of scientific procedure to evaluate the dream helper circle for evidence of dream telepathy.

Thurston, M. (1978). Investigation of behavior and personality correlates of psi incorporating a humanistic research approach. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Humanistic Psychology Institute, San Francisco, CA.

Larry Walsh of Troy State University attended a session at A.R.E. camp where several dream helper circles occurred, and he interviewed all the participants for a research study.

You can read the Walsh study by clicking here!

By helping to normalize the paranormal while providing a natural handle on dream guidance, it could easily obtain “viral” status and spread the Cayce mystique as alive and creating new opportunities not previously available.

Were folks contributing their stories to Facebook, a couple of Atlantic University graduates might create a popular book that major commercial publishers would want to distribute widely. People who consider the A.R.E. reduced to a “Cayce museum,” a conference center and a publishing business will discover that Cayce continues to inspire NEW STUFF!