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“ESP is real!” is the long overdue news.

Paul H. Smith received a Ph.D in philosphy from the University of Texas at Austin on December 5, 2009. His dissertation argued that ESP is evidence that mind is more than simply matter. It's title is:

Is physicalism "really" true?: an empirical argument against the universal construal of physicalism

Authoritative sources have noted long ago that we are subliminally influenced by the thoughts and feelings of anyone nearby.

Dream Telepathy: Experiments in Nocturnal Extrasensory Perception (Studies in Consciousness)

Emotional Contagion (Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction)


Evidence for ESP is greater than the evidence for the value of aspirin Get the Real Facts on ESP
The loss of secrecy, of individual sovereignty and responsibility, even of personal identity is inconceivable but at risk—how can society continue?

ESP and Family Secrets

Globalization—the emerging interdependence of all life, with its resulting loss of boundaries in so many dimensions—will increase psychic interaction among human kind, regardless of our intent. ESP and the Coming Crisis in Boundaries
The law of affinity suggests that like minds resonate ... for good or not so good... Battered Boundaries
James Turrell, who was president of our class of 1965 For the most information on James Turrell, go to this site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Turrell.
My new life began when I finally remembered a dream. It was about camping in a tent on the land of an old wise man who had flying goats! "Getting Help from Dreams," which appeared in the inaugural issue of Venture Inward Magazine
that his dream inspired demonstration, titled “Iltar” from the Cayce readings, would become enshrined in art history Here is the one place where Turrell's first light piece is discussed in conjunction with Edgar Cayce: http://ssagarin.blogspot.com/2013/10/youre-going-to-be-so-disappointed-pushy.html
My students and I, for example, published in a peer reviewed journal the first ever study of what is involved in learning how to remember dreams. You may download a .pdf copy of the original article: Learning how to remember dreams. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 1973, 13, pp. 33-48, by clicking here!

Marilyn Ferguson organized the development of a course on Edgar Cayce’s approach to dream interpretation, “Awaken the Dreamer.”

This program no longer available. The manual listed below contains the exercises, but in a format of ongoing creative problem solving (a "dream quest")
The instruction manual outlined a weekly cycle organized like a treasure hunt: The manual is available today as Dream Solutions, Dream Realizations, in paperback and as an ebook.
A large number reported back positive results, sharing stories of making significant discoveries and changes based upon their dreamwork In my book Dream Medicine, there is a chapter on the A.R.E. Dream Research Project, which you can download by clicking here!
Tallying their observations revealed that meditation improved dream recall. The peer reviewed publication can be downloaded by clicking here!
More important was the finding that applying a dream insight improved dream recall even more than meditation! same as above.
Someone later remarked that this project “rescued dreams from psychotherapy.” looking for source of quote...

Because of its dream background and intent, we named the publication Sundance: The Community Dream Journal.

Read the first editorial by clicking here!
Atlantic University published six issues in three years, from 1976 to 1978. Four issues of the Sundance journals have been replicated and placed online. You can see them at http://henryreed.net/creativespirits/sundancedreamjournal/ Donations would be appreciated to have the final two issues replicated and placed on line.

Many of the dreams subscribers had about the implications of a public journal devoted to dreams proved prescient of today’s cultural challenges.

You can read subscribers' dreams in the first issue and in the second. For more, contact henry@henryreed.com
the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) became established. http://www.iasdreams.org/
The Sundance journals made way for a new magazine, Dream Network Journal, to continue the momentum for almost forty more years. http://dreamnetwork.net/
In an interview published there, I described a simple effect of the “dreamwork movement.”  

there was only ONE published book written for dreamers (Elsie Sechrist’s Dreams: Your Magic Mirror), whereas today there are HUNDREDS!

of the fulfilment of Cayce’s advice on how research might affect the masses: personal application and the sharing of same with others.  
Inspired by the Native Americans use of a collective ritual as their Sun Dance to effect change, You can read about "The Sundance Experiment" and see how what is being proposed here to normalize the paranormal is an exciting idea with some precedent: http://henryreed.net/creativespirits/Sundance-1-1/108.htm
Inspired by Edgar Cayce’s far memories of the Temple Beautiful The Temple Beautiful
The blessing of the experience of oneness is a gift of the intuitive heart.  
Carol Ann Liaros, selected by Hugh Lynn Cayce ... to serve in our training programs... has helped countless folks ... learn how to make ESP practical in their everyday lives. See Carol Ann Liaros' book, Unlocking Your Intuition, the material she presented for several years at our A.R.E. headquarters conference titled "The Edgar Cayce Legacy: Be Your Own Psychic."
she and I developed a way to select a panel of professional psychics to serve our membership. You can google "field tested psychics" and the page describing our work will come up in the search. You can also read about our work auditioning psychics by clicking here!
I’ve published research conducted in the Cayce community demonstrating that the psychology of intimacy is as important, if not more so, than the psychology of brain waves. It was very difficult to get this paper published, as I was implying that something that happens face to face might have ESP elements. "Intimacy and Psi: An Initial Exploration."  Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, October, 1994, Vol. 88, pp. 327-360.
How to deal with secrets, competitiveness, shame, guilt, fear, and all our other favorite sins of separation that tend to make us want to build walls instead of bridges?  
You can experience some of the methodologies discussed in this essay by attending this special weekend workshop. Held at the BigHouseLodge, White Rock Farm, home of the A.R.E. Camp. Become an Intuitive Heart Explorer with Henry Reed
October 12-14, 2016
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