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seemed to change the direction of my life at the time. It
continues to be a source of strength even now, five years
later. It is as follows:

     It seems that I have come home from school. I become
aware that I'm dreaming as I stand outside a small
building which has large black double-doors on its
eastern side. I approach them to enter. As soon as I open
them, a brilliant white light hits me in the face.
Immediately I am filled with intense feelings of love.

      I say several times, "This can't be a dream!" The
interior resembles a small chapel or meeting room. It has
large windows overlooking barren land like the Great
Plains. I think to myself that this is somehow real in a
three-dimensional sense. Everything is amazingly clear
and the colors brilliant.

      No one is with me, yet I feel that someone needs to be
there to explain the sense of purpose that seems to
permeate the atmosphere.

      At one point I walk holding a crystal rod [or wand]
upon which a spinning crystal circlet is poised. The light
passes through it and is beautiful.

     Upon awakening, I remember lying in my bed
bewildered, wondering why the experience had been
given to me and what I had done to deserve it. Although
these questions proved to be unanswerable, I did recall a
significant experience the previous day which seemed at
the time to relate directly to the dream.

      I had embarked on a two-hundred-mile trip to attend
my brother's graduation from Air Force flight school. I
planned to stay the night and return home the next day.

      I drove through the rocky plains of central west
Texas towards Del Rio and the distant Mexican
mountains, I suddenly realized that what I was doing
was for the love of my brother. I further realized that
unselfish acts had been a rarity in my life; I was humbled
by this. For a long while afterward, I dwelt in this feeling
and watched the sun gently sink behind the mountains in


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