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creates a fountain of sparks to illuminate our space.
dream would later have significance for the "Sundance
Experiment," but at the time it was simply accepted as
serving as a symbolic portrayal of our research ideal,
which in essence stated that the knowledge resulting
from a research project is one with the process of the
research itself. We hoped that the results of our research
projects would provide information helpful to people
desiring to increase the harmony in their lives. We
believed, therefore, that the projects themselves must
be designed so that participation in them would in itself
also foster such harmony within each individual
participant, as well as between all of us involved in the
research dance.

      Our first task was to find out what kind of projects
were needed. We tried to design a questionnaire that
hopefully would provide a growth experience for the
people completing it, as well as provide survey data for
statistical analysis. The resulting "A.R.E. Research
Questionnaire Workbook" asked people to reflect upon
their personal values, and to consider whether various
phenomena and practices might be conducive to those
values. The questionnaire also asked people to formulate
questions that might suggest issues for our future

      Of interest here is the section of the questionnaire
concerning dreams. Here is what I learned from the
answers as I searched for common themes upon which to
design a project on dreams:

      Dreams were valued primarily as a mode of education.
Most commonly, people indicated that they perceived
dreams as helpful in gaining a greater understanding
about themselves, and in receiving guidance concerning
the resolution of problems. Some also saw dreams as
presenting useful information about their environment
and about universal principles operative in life. Many
answered that dreams provided instructional material
concerning "other dimensions" of our being.

      Consistent with these views, people wanted to gain
access to the potentialities within dreams. Many wanted


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