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individual personality, according to his level of develop-
ment at the moment.

      The third way of healing is "the best way." The Old
One takes my hand and pulls me out of my body as he
pulls himself out of his body. We can see our statues
below us, empty, but standing and still. We are only a
few feet above the physical. The Old One presents me
directly to God, the Great One— an all-impregnating and
penetrating Light without form and shape, but
identifiable, warm, loving, tender, knowing, caring,
strong and total. It is ALL THAT IS. This Force flowing
through, in and around me is so beautiful that I cry with

      We are back in our statues. The shock is a cold and
somewhat barren feeling. The Old One smiles at me and
impresses in my mind that the experience is one of
taking the person directly to God. The healing of God is a
total healing for the rest of the physical existence of the
person experiencing it. He lets me know that not all
persons are ready for this type of healing, and only the
"worthy" can be healed in this manner. The worthiness
involves a set of emotions which are difficult to put into
words, except to say that the person has to have
developed to the point where he can perceive and receive
that which is the Total of All. The determining factor is
the ability to receive. It would be in vain, in fact
detrimental, to pull just anyone into an experience of this

      I am shown that individuals can do this for themselves,
but that they are often not aware of it until shown. Once
having been shown, they would never again become ill,
for they would be able to pull themselves into the force
for rejuvenation and healing whenever needed. I know
that this is the "Fountain of Youth."




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